Sample boards

If it works on the board it will work in the room.

If you’ve seen a fabric, paint shade or tile you like but are not sure how to integrate it into a scheme, a sample board is the way to go. If you have a sample of the material, we can help you put together all the other elements you need. Alternatively, come to the studio to choose one from our selection, or browse our pattern books from Prestigious Textiles, Clarke & Clarke and Style Library house fabrics.

A sample board in progress

Sample boards are a simple and effective way of determining whether your scheme will work before you incur cost

You can buy or hire our boards, ask us to put a board together for you or buy individual A4 paint cards to put your own boards together, saving money on expensive tester pots that may not help you visualise your finished scheme. The samples on our boards are a “pick and mix” selection of elements that can be combined in different ways – they’re not all to be used in one scheme. Take all the samples off and then start adding and combining them until you create the scheme you want.